Attachment based learning

Basic principles



Building on attachment principles to work with relationships

•Playful, Accepting, Curious, Empathic 

•Strength based and solution focused

•Creates an environment that facilitates healthy relationship development

•Offers increased sensitivity, availability, and responsiveness

•Builds trust

•Contains anxiety and supports exploration


Supports children to:


•Initiate and organise actions (and stop)

•Monitor and evaluate behaviour (and change)

•Plan future actions within new contexts

•Anticipate what might happen, and then adapt

•Form concepts and think abstractly


Builds the school's staffing team for capacity for Attachment-Focused




Our Therapeutic model utilises DDP Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and attachment based learning in all aspects of our teaching, learning support and pastoral care throughout the school day. Utilising this model we can promote inclusion and develop attachment friendly strategies to help young people with complex attachment needs survive and thrive in schools. Drawing from learning from working with young people who have experienced trauma and loss, identifying pupils’ attachment needs and adapting teaching techniques and the school environment to support these young people

DDP Principles :

All of our school staff are trained in Attachment based learning and DDP. The school is supported by our PLACE young peoples company specialist services team, with regular consultation and training from the Theraputic consultant  and lead.

The school supports young people with high levels of nurture, structure, supervision and individualised learning programmes in line with young peoples attachments needs.


The School Environment

Our split site school is set over 2 sites, Main school for young people aged between 7 & 14 and Upper school 14 & 18 years.


Both school sites are set in beautiful countryside. They provides a low arousal rural environment to help children feel safe and utilise play to enable learning. The schools utilise the benefits of outdoor learning and the therapeutic support our of school animals including, alpacas, rescue ponies, pigs, sheep, ducks and chickens.

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Headteacher: Cate Tumman

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